Value Your Value

In a world of constant connectivity, how do we remain motivated to consistently build our value? How do we keep our sights set straight and stimulated when discouraging distractions are so frequently shot at us? The answer: See each distraction as an opportunity and not a threat. Of course it’s easier said than done, but here’s what you’ve got going for you… You are YOU and that is your greatest superpower. Use it.

Our reality, in the most basic terms, is this:

good things happen and we don’t value them enough; bad things happen and we dwell on them too much.

The key to living a positive present is to use those negative distractions as fuel to build your value and live your best life. I know those distractions are often more discouraging than encouraging, but you and only you are in control of what comes next. What doesn’t kill you most certainly makes you stronger.

So someone you know is talking about you behind your back. You know better than to stoop to that level because you, my friend, are awesome. Tell yourself that right now.

Next time, instead of immediately complaining about something to friends and family, or to colleagues and upper management, try to let it go. Talking about negativity, grows negativity. Let it evaporate, file it away to your mental folder that says “Pointless BS That Needs No Follow Up” and get on with your life (unless of course it is a serious threat. Please PLEASE speak up if you are ever being bullied – you’d be surprised at how often this happens to adults too, especially in the workplace.)

It is crucial that we learn to spend less time wasting energy on hating and more on building real value as individuals. Rise above and rock on in the best way that you know how.


Pay no mind to the jerks that may challenge your every move. Find the confidence and strength in yourself to keep moving forward for you and not them. Dealing with the harshness of people like that is expected in life. See it as an opportunity to learn and grow, not as a level to stoop to. Haters say those things because they are complacent, often intimidated and jealous. Their boredom is their fault. Just like your frustration is yours. You have a choice to react in anger OR in integrity and poise. You’re an adult now. Own it. You need to learn to live beyond the boneheads who bring you down or you’ll always be living one step behind.

I’ve said it a million times and I’ll say it a million more, you come first, always. Your life is yours and yours only. It’s okay to be a mess but it’s even better to be a conscious, motivated mess able to recognize the presence of negativity so you can filter it out. Go ahead BE A MESS….but be a rockin’ mess who’s aware of themselves in the moment and willing to let go of what needs to get gone and move on. Bs don’t complain or unconsciously compromise because we’re too busy being awesome. This is your reputation. Your life. Your time. Waste not.

You’re a free agent. Go where you must, as you must.


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