Finding Perspective

Ok, Bs, this one’s a little out there, literally, BUT it’s the push I want to give you today so you can keep rockin’ the heck out of your life. Now, let’s get those wonderful wheels turning.

The earth is 4.5 BILLION years old. Not 4 or 400 or 400,000 or 4 million. 4 freaking billion years. And here you are with the chance to hang out on this big, beautiful planet where so many brilliant minds have come before you.

4.5 billion years. Seriously, mull that number over in your head for a minute. That is such.a.long.time. We get so caught up moving from one moment to the next in our daily lives that we don’t usually consider just how much time has passed and how much greatness has come before us. There is a plethora of the past, but who knows how much of the present and the future we have?

Consider this illustration I whipped up:

See how important it is to live your you while you have the time? This is your chance to shine. Think of all that’s taken place before you came along. All of those who were here, who made their marks. All of the ideas, accomplishments, struggles, hesitations, successes, leaps of faith. All of those who found it in themselves to truly live the lives they desired deep down. That could be you. That can be you.

Consider all of those possibilities and in them, the positivity and inspiration. Don’t let opportunity and possibility intimidate you.

Don’t think that you can’t when there’s 4.5 billion years worth of history, experiences and people just like you and me to prove that YOU CAN.

Write that number down: 4,500,000,000. When you are looking for an extra push, when you feel unmotivated and lonely and lost, it will help you gain perspective. I have it written in a frame next to my bed (to excite & challenge me when I wake up). I have it written above my desk (for motivation when I’m feeling stuck). Write yours down. Look at it every now and then. Use it as a reminder to be thankful that you’re here and that you get this chance to create and to be. This moment right now is entirely your own – don’t waste it wondering. Listen to that driving force within that’s encouraging you to live your best life and LEAVE YOUR LEGACY.


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