We empower and encourage millennials to live their lives with passion and purpose by providing a sense of direction when they feel lost. We guide our B3ers with heartfelt help, tips, knowledge, practice and human interaction so they can discover their utmost potential, create their own vision of greatness, and live the lives they truly want to live right now.

Master your body. Master your mind. Master your life. Master your You.

Hi, I’m Liz! A 20-something health, wellness and happiness enthusiast striving to live my best life and help others do the same. A certified kickboxing trainer, aspiring personal trainer and young professional, with several years of experience in the public relations and health/wellness fields, I’ve determined three core principles to help other 20-somethings live the lives they truly want to live.

BURN. Life in exercise teaches you the value of treating your body like a temple. To acknowledge and respect your mind, body and soul, to make sacrifices, to make an effort, to burn.

BREATHE. Life in a nurturing environment teaches you the value of wellness, how to live a meaningful life, to be healthy, to explore, to take a step back and appreciate what you have, to go at your own pace, to breathe.

BE. Life in general teaches you the value of obstacles and what it takes to overcome them. To be in the here and now. To make the most of YOU, to take control and live a life you enjoy, regardless of expectation.

B3 is first and foremost a creative outlet that offers tips, tutorials, and tidbits that you can put into practice to unlock your potential and truly live your you.

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