Launch Your Life (1)

Many of you have come to me with interest in how to embrace your passion and potential and it is SO exciting! I love receiving emails and messages from my Bs who are looking to take themselves and their creativity to the next level. So, because so many of you have asked how to get started in launching your life (specifically in sharing content online), I’ve decided to offer one-on-one coaching to help get you where you want to be!

If you answer yes to any of the below, please email me (Liz, B3 Founder) at for a free consultation! No strings attached. Seriously. I will answer any and all the questions you have about kickstarting your next creative venture in the digital space and beyond.

  • I am passionate about _________ but don’t know how to give my idea life.
  • I have an idea that I think has potential but I’m not sure if it qualifies for a website/blog/business.
  • I have an idea that I’ve thought a lot about but am not sure what to do with.
  • I have an idea for a website/blog but don’t know where or how to start.
  • I have a website/blog but don’t know how to be heard in the digital space and differ from the competition.
  • I have an interest in starting a website/blog but am not sure which of my creative interests to share in that space.
  • I have been sharing my own content in the digital space for a while now but need help refining and strengthening my brand.

If you’re determined to do whatever it takes to Master Your YOU, B3 is with you. You deserve to do what you enjoy everyday and the fact that you’re ready to work for it already speaks wonders to your success. Way to take control of your life, B! Now, let’s share that magic with the world. Remember, your creativity is your greatest superpower!

-Don't let making a living prevent you from making a life.-