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“Burn.Breathe.Be. is a refreshing reminder to live, love and learn in the now. I keep an eye out for B3 posts in my newsfeed every day!” – Anya, Colorado

“This is the push I needed to press ‘restart’ on my side-hustle.” – Jordan, Vermont

“These articles are beautifully written. I found myself reading almost all the posts you have on Keep on posting.” – Matt, North Carolina

Take a look, get interested, get informed, get inspired, get whatever you need to get out of it. Because that’s what B3 is all about.” – Jenna, Arizona

“There is no question that Burn.Breathe.Be. has improved my quality of life. In a world of distraction, it is a refreshing blast of mindfulness, wellness and positivity which will make me a lifelong subscriber.” – Jeff, New York

“Your perspective is spot on! Thank you for the inspirational words and keep up with the great posts!” – Erica, Massachusetts

“I really love seeing the posts from B3. I just had my second baby and adjusting has been tough. When I go on and read all of the amazing, uplifting posts, it really helps me get my focus back and conquer each day! Keep doing what you’re doing because it’s amazing!” – Jess, New York

“We all lose focus at times…whether it’s the focus on our goals, our dreams or simply the immediate joys in our life.  Well I’ve found that B3 is a great way for me to refocus on what’s important, refocus on what I really want…heck just refocus on what makes me smile in life.  You can see Liz’s personality shine through in her posts and I’m excited to see where she takes this site…and where it takes me in the future.” Mike, Florida

“Liz’s thoughts, words, and insights are exactly what any 20-something needs. Every time I read a post, I instantly feel centered and think to myself, this is exactly what I needed.” Jess, Maine

“B3 speaks the truth.” – Garrett, North Carolina

“I just love how inspiring your messages are, keep it coming, it makes a difference!”  – Heather, New York

“It’s like she knew what I needed.  Go check out! You won’t be disappointed!” – Casey, North Carolina

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