Embracing Solitude

You’re not going to feel inspired all the time. There are simply times when you may feel like a complete vegetable and I’m here to tell you, that is more than ok and it is necessary. While you may get down on yourself as those moments of solitude arrive, you must realize that without them, your creativity and inspiration would never make themselves known.

So, take that time spent on the couch with your book or favorite movie and milk it. Embrace those moments every now and then, but don’t fall victim to them. This, Bs, is why it is SO important to follow your head and your heart when inspiration comes knocking. That is your creativity, your beautiful beast, coming to play. Get to know it when you can. Make the effort to give it life but, remember, just like you, sometimes it wants to hide.

The next time you feel frustrated that those ideas aren’t developing or that you feel totally “blahhh” – just take it easy. Relax knowing that even with a little patience, even if you’re not always going full force, you are still moving forward.

Nothing forced is ever found.

When was the last time an awesome idea came to you? Probably a really strange and inconvenient time. That’s because you were at ease and blissfully unaware that your creativity was hard at work. Share your story in the comments or with us on social media! 

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