Spring Into Action

With a new season, comes a new mindset and, after a few months of taking some time off, I’m springing back into action and I’m hoping you’ll join me. Life throws a curve ball at us every once in a while but it’s imperative that we don’t see those challenges as failures. Instead, we need to atleast try and take the swing. Challenges help us grow and they change us for the better but, sometimes, we get a bit sidetracked by their overwhelm and need help navigating the playing field.

Today, I write you on a mission. Let this little note serve as a reminder for you to evaluate your life right now so you can turn yourself in the right direction and take action towards living your life for YOU and not for anyone else. A critical first step in this process is to clear your clutter. Why? Clutter keeps you from creating! Ugh, what a drag. No one needs that storm cloud hovering over their head.

So, how about a fun spring refresher to get you back on track? Take a moment to explore my Clear Your Clutter Series. It’s broken down into three simple parts to help you take real action at your own pace.

Part I
Part II
Part III

This is your chance to take action. This is your nudge to start living a life of creating instead of a life of waiting. Keep putting yourself first and follow that heart!

You can find more inspirational and empowering tips and tidbits on my site. Stay tuned for new contentCOMING SOON!



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