Clear Your Clutter (Part I)

I know spring is coming and it’d be totally cliché to share a post I wrote about clearing the clutter, but of all the articles you read this season, please pleaseee hold this one closer than most because it concerns YOU. I’m always looking out for you, Bs!

Now, let me break it down. Clutter is chaos. Clutter is constricting. Scariest of all…

Clutter keeps you from creating.

Ahh, the horror! Clutter comes down to three components in my book:

The literal (physical) clutter
The feelings (emotional) clutter
The thinking (mental) clutter

Allow me to introduce you to a little something called “positive forecasting.” If you project in your mind and your being a favorable and desired emotional outcome, you will be more motivated and likely to attain it. That’s deep thinking for you. There’s not much you can do by way of positive thinking if you’ve got all that clutter foggin’ up your noggin.

I want to help you clear your clutter so that you can be on your merry way to conscious creating without feeling overwhelmed. That’s why this series, broken into three parts (each with a B3 Breakthrough) will come in handy and help you take action.

Today, we tackle helpful how tos for conquering your literal clutter.

b3breakthroughClear Your Clutter (Part 1): The Literal Clutter
I know you’ve been meaning to clean out that closet in your bedroom. You know the one that’s full of clothes you don’t wear anymore but are full of memories. And what about that coffee table, look at all of the old mail you have shoved under those books you still haven’t read. You cannot ground yourself mentally until your physical living space, your zone, is zen. Trust me. You’ve got to learn to conquer that literal clutter. Whether it’s cleaning your house or your car or your office – wherever you spend the most time. Those little tasks that nitpick at the back of your mind everyday are scaring away your beautiful beast. How on earth do you expect it to come out and play if you don’t give it room to breathe? Take it step by step and in small amounts. You’ll find that the more you maintain the physical clutter, the more mentally free you’ll feel.

Your first challenge:

Pick a zone, any zone and time yourself for 20-30 minutes. Just one area is all you need and start small – a junk drawer, a shelf, one section of a closet. Try not to spend this time rearranging things, actually get rid of the items you no longer have use for. Don’t get distracted and use this as a time to start taking a trip down memory lane either. If you need, get a friend or someone else to help you make decisions about what to get rid of. Can’t commit 20 to 30 minutes? Take 5 things that you no longer use, or no longer bring you joy, and get rid of them.  Do this once a week and before you know it you are in control of the clutter!

When you let go of clutter you make room for other good things to come into your life! But you’re not all the way there until you conquer your emotional and mental clutter too. Stay tuned for insightful tips on how to manage the rest over the next few days – spring cleaning isn’t about sweeping stuff under the rug, you’ve got to air out the whole house!

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