Celebrating Milestones

This post is very important. It marks one year since I had my quarter life crisis the day after my 26th birthday and finally decided to make positive changes in my life. It may not seem like much to my readers and followers but, to little ol’ lizzy, this is huge. Why? On that day one year ago, I made my first real goal – not just a prediction or a wish, a specific goal. I spent my first ever O.S. moment panicking about my happiness and what the heck I was going to do about following my heart and then, instead of succumbing to my fear and anxiety, decided to do something about all of those thoughts I had marinating in my mind. I turned my quarter life crisis into a learning experience and used it as motivation to move forward in a new way. My path took a hard right turn for the better and I kept right on going.

This time, while daunting, was special to me because I finally took control of my life and made a first move. I put those thoughts down on paper to help me visualize my thinking…and I made a big deal of it too. I waltzed right into that craft store, purchased a huge roll of easel paper, a box of markers, tacks and tape and didn’t pay any mind to the dude behind the register who said, “What grade do you teach?” SORRY SIR, it’s not always about the kids figuring out what they’re going to be when they grow up – us “adults” are working on it too.

Anyway, yes, I flipped the script and was on my merry way to creating. I didn’t even know what at the time. I literally took those supplies home, wallpapered my guest room/office with easel paper and doodled for hours with markers until those doodles became words and those words became categories and those categories, after months, became comprehensive content that I was courageous enough to share with the world via this very website.

Sometimes, you just have to go for it before you can talk yourself out of a decision. Trust your interests and your instincts and let them lead you.

Today, with this post, I want to set a new goal: to remind you why it is important to set goals, even when doing so doesn’t seem like much. It’s like that cliché we’ve all heard – “the first step doesn’t have to be a big one, it just has to be one.” Or maybe I just made that up? I don’t know. Either way, the first step (aka your first goal), while it may seem minuscule, is actually A BIG DEAL. It won’t seem like it at the time but it will when you reflect back on it someday.

So, if I’m to leave you with any final words of advice from this post, it’s these…

  1. Set goals so you can celebrate milestones.
  2. Invest in yourself so you can create.
  3. Track progress so you can grow.
  4. Have fun so you can inspire.
  5. Do you so you can master your you.



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