Finesse Over Fitness

It’s time to get real about a word that really bursts my B3 bubble: Fitness. We need to FORGET “FITNESS.” I mean the expectations it implies, not the act of exercising. “Fitness” sets a strict standard that everyone has to be fit, or fit in. Just FIT, everybody! No, thanks. You exercise to feel good. To make everyday tasks a bit easier. In no way does “fitness” encourage us to think positive about how we feel internally. Rather, it encourages us to only see ourselves in the mirror. To dwell on the negatives – what we don’t have or how we don’t look or how we wished we looked.

Today, I want you to look “fitness” in the face and say: I don’t need your pressure or your judgement.  

It’s time for us to look further than “fitness” and redefine what it truly means to feel good inside and out. That starts with a straight up reality check: The World Health Organization recommends the average adult participate in 150 minutes of moderate or 75 minutes of vigorous intensity activity per week. So, 150 minutes spent walking or lightly jogging or carrying groceries from your car to the third floor of your apartment building all in one trip OR 75 minutes of biking, climbing a mountain or desperately trying to make the bus. Those are the legit recommendations because your body was meant to be worked, not overworked. Nowhere does it suggest that we have washboard abs, perfectly paired with toned biceps and a “thigh-gap” on top of a barely-there diet. That is the media’s expectation. In reality, looking good is a bonus, but it is NOT the goal nor is it the recommendation.

The goal is your good health and well-being.

It’s ridiculous to expect that people will suddenly stop using the word “fitness” all together, but you’re not people. If you want to help make a change to society’s standard, you can begin with yourself. Get out of your head. Stop thinking about that stupid word. Your reality should be FINESSE.

Help Yourself
Finesse. SKILL. Find something you enjoy, focus on what you need that skill to accomplish for you to feel physically and mentally satisfied and do it enough. You do not need to live up to anyone else’s standards but your own. Your desired level of exercise should reflect what makes you feel best – the physical results are simply an accoutrement, the icing on top of a deliciously dope cake that decided to rock the heck out of the dessert aisle.

Help Others
Stop hashtagging your gym and exercise photos with the word #fitness. That hashtag is used on over 120 million photos per day on Instagram alone and it ain’t helping nobody. Technically, we should stop hashtagging the word all together. No more #fitnessaddict or #fitfrenzy or #fitnessfreak. #GiveYourselfSomeMoreCreditPlease. The fact that you can look beyond that limiting jargon speaks volumes to your confidence and strength as an individual because you are able to see past the physical. BRAVO! That wonderful characteristic of yours will encourage others to do the same. Instead, join the conversation by hashtagging words like #health #wellness #exercise #activelifestyle #motivation #FINESSE. (P.S. If you’re hashtag game isn’t strong yet, you can tag @burnbreathebe in your posts – we’re here for you always).

Bottomline: Communicate something new, something better, something meaningful. Be a beacon of inspiration for those who may struggle with body image or who struggle to feel their best because of the bullying burdens of society that say we must “FIT” all the time. Please Bs, exercise for you. Be a healthy influence. Build stamina and build character. Stay strong. Finesse.

b3 yoga finesse

Do you have an inspiring health / wellness story to share? Are you looking for a bit of healthy inspiration? Leave a comment or send us an email. We’d love to hear from you!

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