Set A Precedent

We can’t always be on your A game. Some days we wake up and end up on our B game (*wink wink*) and, guess what, that’s even better! Your B game is your best game. Let me break it down for you.

I woke up the other morning feeling great. I had a good night’s sleep. I felt content about it being only Wednesday and was ready to rock the heck out of hump day. Then, I made a mistake. I rolled over to my nightstand and grabbed my phone (mistake #1). It’s become a mindless habit that I don’t usually pay any mind to. Then, I checked my email (mistake #2). It was at that point that my reality was no longer me feeling refreshed and awesome but me feeling complacent and agitated. This wasn’t just any email, although those carry their own level of annoyance. No, no, this was a condescending customer email probing me about why I’m not better. I was offended and that turned into aggravation and anxiety, which therein turned into straight up anger. My “heck ya, let’s do this” attitude took a 180 and became a “screw this crap” anthem. Then something awesome happened.

I noticed it!

I had my “Oh, I’ll show him. I’ll show all of them!” moment for a few minutes until I reached the bathroom and caught myself in the mirror. It was in that moment that I saw my stressed reflection and decided to re-navigate my flight plan. I thought “No, wait. I’m not giving up that easy. I’ve got the power. I’m not letting what could have been an awesome day get away from me. THIS IS MY DAY.” I consciously decided right then to live positively instead of caving to my sour tasting situation. I went from no chill to 100 percent chill in a matter of minutes because I DECIDED that I was going to have a healthy, positive perception instead of an unhealthy, negative one.


Why is it that sometimes the smallest things hit us the hardest? Everyone has an itsy bitsy detonator that sets them off sometimes. For me, it wasn’t the email, it was someone passing judgement based on facts they didn’t have, which felt like a subtle implication that I’m not good enough. At the time, I felt my anger was an appropriate response to stand up for myself. It’s in our human nature, especially mine, to immediately think the worst when you-know-what hits the fan. Rarely do we find a moment to take a deep breath and remember who’s in control.

When I was a kid I was always told “you are in control of your own actions” and “no one can MAKE you do anything.” Jeesh, parents are smart. There’s a reason why we’re told that from the get go. Because, it’s true! You’re in control of your actions – that includes physical, mental and emotional. Now, as a grown up, not only do you have this same control, but you are moreso in charge of setting your precedent.

You are in control of setting a precedent for your own day just as much as you are for setting a precedent for your own life.

For me, there was no other option in that moment than to stop reacting and take control. I honestly think I was more bothered that I let something so miniscule tarnish my good feelings. I mean, you don’t often have mornings where you wake up especially pumped, right? Exactly. You don’t. Those days are rare. So, when they come to you, of course you radiate happiness. It’s a good feeling to glow. When that went south due to my lack of control, I felt frustrated. It was like a post wake-up, wake-up call and I got my shining moment back. I looked at myself in that mirror and my judgement turned into one of the best pep talks I’ve ever given myself. I corrected my course. Consciously. Not saying you can do this with all offbeat and unpredictable happenings in life, but you can try.

So, now, maybe you can see how my A game turned into my B(3) game that day and how it worked in my favor. When you’re on your B(3) game, you’re living consciously and positively for you just like any B would. Now, go BE IN CONTROL.

Have you had a similar moment? A candid close call? How did you counteract it? We want to hear! Share in the comments below or with us at


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