The Nontrepreneur

Not all of us are meant to be entrepreneurs nor do we aspire to be. Many assume jobs in their respective fields of interest and happily acclimate to that space. This post is for those people, my “nontrepreneurs” who are full of ambition and seek fulfillment while assuming a current role/position.

You don’t have to be an entrepreneur to truly be happy. If you haven’t learned by now, B3 aims to expose you to your interests, helps you harness those interests and provides you direction when you feel lost in your day to day – that doesn’t mean you have to be an entrepreneur. However, in order to master your YOU, you need to open yourself up to opportunity, especially if you work an 8-5. It’s tough to make the most of your free time after a long day of work but, if you find something you truly enjoy, it becomes a desire to make it part of your routine instead of a chore. For some, this may turn into an entrepreneurial endeavor. For others, it simply does not and THAT IS OKAY.

Remember, not all of us have passions but that doesn’t mean we can’t feel passionate about a certain interest, activity or hobby on our own terms.

So, what can nontrepreneurs do to find this type of fulfillment in their lives?

1. Pique Your Curiosity and Put Out Feelers
Is there something that excites you? Like, going to coffee shops and writing poems or hiking or fixing cars? Or, are you not sure what excites you? Either way, it is critical that you dig deep and put out feelers. Whether it’s something you know you like or something that you could see yourself doing, it is worth looking into! This is what will help you unearth your potential. In one of my first B3 posts, I shared a B3 Breakthrough all about piquing your curiosity and how critical it can be to your growth and development. How about a little refresher, eh?

B3 BREAKTHROUGH: Pique your curiosity
You know, that indecisive voice in your head that harasses you to get out there and try something new. LISTEN TO IT. Make the decision to try that something – the only person you need permission from is you. When you explore opportunities, you learn so much more about yourself as an individual than if you were to sit at home and just consider your options. When you get those wheels turning, you begin a process of trial and error that allows you to wean out the clutter that’s hindering you from your potential and your future greatness. So get yourself out there and try that kickboxing class or whatever it is you’re so afraid of! Tip: If it excites you, write it down. That’s inspiration knocking and you best open that damn door.

2. Fail
Failing is important. How the heck else are you going to know what’s not meant to be? Don’t see trial and error as trial and terror – you cannot be afraid to try new things that feel out of the ordinary and weird. You’re curiosity is going to lead you to failure once in awhile but you need to fail in order to succeed. Failing means you’re putting yourself out there enough and taking advantage of opportunity. Every failure is helping you to succeed in your own way. It is helping you to grow and recognize your true aspirations and interests. It means you are putting time and effort into finding what excites you and that is a huge, amazing, much-needed, wonderful step toward mastering your YOU.

3. Make Time and Meet People
When you find your flame/whatever it is that excites you, it’s critical that you make the time (when you’re not working) to feed that good feeling. Make time to nurture it. Meet people, seek guidance in that field of interest. If it’s something you are really pumped about, like that chicken coop you’re dying to build in the backyard, it won’t feel like a chore to carve out this time. It will come naturally. You’ll have a need to do it regularly. For example, you came up with this super crazy idea for a food truck and you start plotting it on paper with a mind map or brainstorm list during your lunch breaks. It doesn’t matter if that actually becomes reality or not, but the process and effort of you documenting this creativity and putting ideas down on paper does. Who knows what it could lead to?!

Give these exercises a try and see if it helps you discover something about yourself that you didn’t know before. Discover a new interest, idea or inspiration you’d like to share? Leave a comment on this post at, share it on our Facebook page or email it to me. I love hearing from those who are darn determined and eager to get growing. Now, go B awesome!


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