Welcome to B3!

I want to help people be awesome and I’m here to help you develop your own vision of greatness. That is the B3 bottom-line.

My name is Liz and I’m the founder, heart, soul and brains behind this operation. The idea for burn.breathe.be. (B3) came to me one day when I realized just how important it is to make health a top priority in order to accomplish other great aspects of your life.

I was in the midst of studying for my certified personal trainer exam, something that piqued my interest as I took up kickboxing. I had a need to learn why my body was changing, improving and feeling so awesome. As I read, I was learning all about the absolute MAGIC that is the human body – not just physically, but mentally and chemically. I realized that this machine I use to breathe and eat and move and think crazy thoughts is powered by how well I nurture it and, that if I truly own it, will allow me amazing control over my life physically and mentally.


B3 came to me when this realization merged with the reality that I unfortunately sit for more than 8 hours a day behind a computer screen to make a living and, that millions of others my age do too without knowing how this affects their health and happiness. There was no way I could keep all of this knowledge to myself. I was ready to open up to other people like me who may also feel conflicted.

So, I asked myself, how do I help others understand the benefits of good health and wellness without just posting exercise-related Instagram posts of my physical progress? Physical success requires mental preparedness (and you certainly can’t share a photo of that). At first glance, I saw B3 as an opportunity to help people my age learn the value of health and exercise. However, as time went on and this idea developed, I realized that living a life of greatness is so much more.

To truly be great, millenials need to master more than their body. They need to also master their mind. Through my own personal and professional experiences, I came to find that once you understand good health can make you great, you’ll also understand that it unlocks other unique aspects of who you are as a person. When you feel good physically, your thinking is clear and you are on your way to taking hold of your life in other regards – like say, finding your passion and true purpose!

No matter where you are in life, once you master your you, you have the ability to truly develop your own vision of greatness and do so on your own terms.

Master your body. Master your mind. Master your life.

So, there you have it….B3 is my mission to help millenials, like me, live their lives with passion and purpose by providing a sense of direction when they feel lost. To guide them with heartfelt help, tips, knowledge, practice and human interaction through three core principles (burn.breathe.be.) so they can discover their utmost potential and live the lives they truly want to live right now.

B3 is first and foremost a creative outlet that offers tips, tutorials, and tidbits that you can put into practice to unlock your potential and truly live your you.

Learn more about the founder and be sure to sign up for B3 Buzz, an e-update full of free tips and ideas to pique your curiosity and get those wheels turning FOR REAL. Want to make sure you’re on the list?  SIGN UP FOR B3 BUZZ!

b3buzz copy

Don’t worry, you’ll only hear from me when I release new material on the site or have other buzzworthy info to share.

I can’t wait for you all to see what’s coming! Stay tuned!



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